The Best Connections for Your Processes

Using Low-Temperature Carbon Steel weld fittings will help ensure uniform material compatibility for your piping and other process equipment connections and make sure that you are getting the best connections for your low-temperature fluid processes.

Our Low-Temperature Carbon Steel weld fittings are available in material that meets or exceeds ASTM A234 WPB standards and is available in A234 WPI, WP5, WP11, WP12, WP22 and A420 WPL6 and WPL3 options.

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What is Low-Temp Carbon Steel?

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel (LTCS) like A333, A350 and A420 was developed for low temperature applications, such as cryogenics.

LTCS will have the same carbon content as Low and Medium Carbon Steel (0.05% to 0.30%) but will typically be impact tested at -50° F and may be Nickel plated, which allows for use in low-temperature applications.