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We offer AES ball valves, which are available in nearly any metallurgy – and can meet all ANSI and API pressure classes.


Although ball valves typically have a through-hole configuration (straight inlet and outlet), they are also available as a multi-port valve – they can be three and four-way valves if the ball has an L or T shaped hole through the middle.

This allows for flow re-direction and isolation if you have multiple options for your fluid process.

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What are Ball Valves?

Ball valves are a type of valve which uses a pivoting ball that has a hole through the middle. This type will usually allow either full flow, or zero flow of the fluid through the pipeline.

They are great for medium flow and pressure applications – typically around 250 PSI for brass ball valves, but stainless-steel valves can be rated for up to 2,000 PSI.