How to successfully place a Pipe Flanges order

All projects are different and call for specific pipe flanges that perform specific jobs.

Understanding the different aspects of pipe flanges is the first step in getting your project underway, operational, and complete.

Let’s dive in…

At the core, pipe flanges are a piece of equipment that connect valves, pipes, strainers and fittings on many pieces of equipment. Most, pipe flanges are in the form of a disc, but can be found in other shapes such as square, oval or rectangular.

Different shapes, other than round disc flanges are what you find on specialty equipment such as hydraulics and handrails.

The shape needed is dependent on the specific equipment used. Knowing the specific project details will help you in the process of properly ordering pipe flanges.

Define the Facing

Ordering pipe flanges begins with defining standards and specifications for your project and understanding what each piping flange entails. Defining the facing of the flange is one of the first steps in accurate ordering of pipe flanges.

Here is a summary list of different types of flange faces:

  • Raised Face
  • Full Face
  • Ring-Type Face

Choose the right material

The next step in ordering pipe flanges is choosing the right material for the specific project. One key note to remember is the chosen material should directly correspond to the material the pipe is being welded to.

Here is a summary of the industry’s material choices:

Select the pressure class

When ordering pipe flanges it is extremely important to select the proper pressure class because the higher the rating of the class, the higher the size and dimensions of the flange increase.

The pressure classification is the key to knowing the flange dimensions. One key aspect to understand is pressure class does not determine the pressure limit of the flange. In most instances, it is the starting pressure limit.

The different pressure classes are as follows:

  • 150 LBS
  • 300 LBS
  • 400 LBS
  • 600 LBS
  • 900 LBS
  • 1500 LBS
  • 2500 LBS.

Determine the type of connection

To ensure proper ordering of piping flanges, it is imperative to define the standards and determine the specific pipe connection. This will ensure a smooth operation of the equipment.
The different types of connections are as follows:

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